Retail Design & Installation

Burnley FC : Retail Design & Installation

Burnley FC were looking to improve their retail presence and asked smf to assess their offering. Following a few secret shops and attendance to various match day experiences it became apparent that retail suffered from many factors.


Initially their retail was too small and it also became apparent that BFC suffered massively on consistency on quality and brand.

smf worked closely with the club to develop a huge new bespoke retail space which boosted turnover to double their previous season. This also meant that they could introduce new ranges improving the image of the club.

Retail Design & Installation

Following the success of retail smf now have a close relationship with BFC and work on a consultancy basis continuing to improve the look of the club to fit in with their Premier League rivals.

On a weekly basis we are involved in design and production using their existing suppliers and introducing new ones to keep their projects constantly moving forward upping the brand, quality of the club, costs and making their lives easier.

Retail Design & Installation

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